Terms and conditions


  • Air Algérie  : Air Algérie is an economic public company/joint stock company EPE/SPA, registred capital :,00 DA.

  • AH  : designates IATA code of Air Algérie.

  • Air Algérie Plus : designates Air Algérie frequent flyer program aiming to reward the frequent passengers.

  • Family Program   : designates the family program of Air Algérie plus. It allows to earn more miles quickly then to access rewards rapidly and the subscription of young members aged between 02 and 18 years old as well in accordance with the conditions in effect.

  • Miles  : Measure unity of the Air distance corresponding to 1609 meters. The mile is the Air Algérie Plus calculation unity.

  • The member : is the participant to Air Algérie Plus frequent flyer program whose name appears on the loyalty card.

  • Fly.In card : Designates the card destined to young members of Air Algérie plus through family program.

  • The card : Designates the loyalty card granted to the member following its effective participation to « Air Algérie Plus » program.

  • Djurdjura Card : Designates the first level of Air Algérie Plus program and corresponds to the welcoming card.

  • Chelia Card  : Designates the second level of Air Algérie Plus program and corresponds to the silver level.

  • Tahat Card  : Designates the third level of Air Algérie Plus program and corresponds to the gold level.

  • Reward : Designates the services offered by Air Algérie Plus program against the miles accumulated by the member.
    It can be a free ticket, an upgrading or an excess luggage.

  • Qualifying Flights : The regular and supplementary flights designated by Air Algérie that give right to miles accumulation.

  • Qualifying Fares : Fares that gives right to miles accumulation.

  • Tier Miles: All miles earned in a rolling period of 12 months except certain bonuses and allow access to upper cards level.   

  • Tier Segments : International flights made during one year on some booking classes that allows access to upper cards level.

  • Redemption Miles: : The miles obtained by travels or during Air Algérie Plus promotional campaigns that allows exchange to rewards.

  • code Share: : Designates all the flights commercialized by Air Algérie and operated by other company or flights commercialized by other company and operated by Air Algérie.

Air Algérie Plus membership

These general terms and all its possible modifications are accepted by any person wants to subscribe to the program Air Algérie Plus.

  1. 1. The participation to Air Algérie Plus is limited to physical persons aged 02 years old and more, having their addresses in all countries without restrictions. However, the inscription for young persons aged between (02 and 18 years) has to be done through family program.

    A card named Fly. In will be proposed for young members. The conditions of that program might be consulted below.
  2. 2. Legal entities, people's regroupings airlines staff and their assignees, travel agents and tours operators cannot benefit from advantages and rewards of the program Air Algérie Plus, by obtaining miles with special and preferential fares through the various conventions contracted with Air Algérie.

  3. 3. Air Algérie Plus program authorizes one membership by person. In case of duplicate, the member is bound to inform Air Algérie plus. Therefore, one membership’s account will be held and all the miles earned might be credited on it.

  4. 4. The member joins Air Algérie Plus program via internet on website: https://ahplus.airalgerie.dz. The participation is free of charge and becomes effective once the first flight is made on Air Algérie airline flights. The member receives after his first flight (return ticket) a welcome bonus of 2000 miles if he travels during six (06) months after membership date and a bonus of 1000 miles if the enrolment done at agency.

    The member should obtain retroactively an amount of miles for the flights effectuated within 03 months before his date of registration.
    The member must send his request of regularization (ticket’s number or boarding pass) to Air Algérie plus service for the flight which has not been credited on his account in a delay of 06 months after his travel date.

  5. 5. The definitive card will be transmitted only at the request of the member by mail at this address: airalgerieplus@airalgerie.dz. .The member shall receive his loyalty card by mail to the postal address indicated on his profile as from first travel is registered on his miles account.

    Note: The temporary card and a picture of your card on smartphone offer the same advantages as a permanent card. These are no longer necessary to enable you benefit from the advantages of the program.Oral information or the transmission of the membership number on paper will not be accepted.

  6. 6. The personal data transmitted to Air Algérie Plus will be used by Air Algérie at ends of communication, marketing actions, and with an aim of developing the program. Air Algérie Plus is committed respecting the confidentially of these data.

  7. 7. In no case Air Algérie is responsible for any false, incomplete or obsolete information forwarded by the member. Air Algérie reserves the right to ask for any supporting document.

  8. 8. The member has to notify to Air Algérie Plus program any change of address, name or other information deemed necessary.

  9. 9. Air Algérie reserved the right to refuse any participation inquiry that does not respond to the formulated conditions in Air Algérie Plus program.

  10. 10. Air Algérie shall be free to terminate a member agreement, if the member doesn't respect the agreement's articles. Air Algérie shall address him a mail signifying this breach. The accumulated miles shall remain valid in a six month term as from the mail sending date.

  11. 11. The membership agreement established between the member and Air Algérie can be terminated at any time without notice in case of fraud, deficiency, or any failure. All the accumulated miles shall be cancelled and the member cannot ask for another membership to the Air Algérie plus program.

  12. 12. To reach TAHAT level, it is necessary to accumulate 40.000 tier miles, or 32 tier segments in a rolling period of 12 months. To reach CHELIA level, it is necessary to accumulate 25.000 tier miles, or 16 tier segments in a rolling period of 12 months. These levels are valid during 25 months starting from the date of tier change.

    Note:High-level membership card is needed in order to have to access the various advantages of the program. Most especially at the airport.

  13. 13. Air Algérie cannot be hold responsible for any delay, loss or damage caused by postal services when sending a mail.

  14. 14. All updates of Air Algérie Plus program shall be available on Air Algérie plus website. The version displayed is considered as the most current one. The member has to consult the website to be informed of Air Algérie Plus new provisions.

  15. 15. Air Algérie shall inform its members in reasonable deadlines if the Air Algérie Plus program is definitely stopped.

  16. 16. Any dispute related to the membership interpretation agreement or execution non settled amicably shall be submitted to Algiers court, the only competent authority. This agreement is governed by the Algerian law.

  17. 17. The French version prevails on the other versions, especially in case of disputes.

The rules of Air Algérie Plus program

  1. 1. The member shall accumulate miles within Air Algérie plus Program at each trip made on Air Algérie's flight. These miles depend on the fare, the covered distance, the loyalty card level and the cabin class.

  2. 2. The flights operated with code share don’t give right to accumulate miles neither to rewards nor to cards advantages.

  3. 3. The member must identify himself by presenting his loyalty card every time he travels when check-in and booking, by presenting his card.

  4. 4. The number of accumulated miles can be reduced or null for certain fares and booking classes.

  5. 5. All Air Algérie flights and fares allow members to accumulate miles.

  6. 6. Free tickets obtained through the program complimentary –totally or partially don’t allow miles accrual.

  7. 7. The miles will be credited according to the paid ticket, except in the case of modifications at transport .If there is an involuntary down-grading and the member gives up to the reimbursement, the credit will be maintained in the superior card.

  8. 8. The member has to regularly consult his account. In case of irregularity, the member must provide to Air Algérie plus Program travel evidences for regularization in the 06months following the departure date.

  9. 9. The effective miles scales shall be available on Air Algérie Plus website.

  10. 10. Air Algérie has the right to modify the miles scales without prior notice.

  11. 11. The validity of the card DJURDJURA is unlimited for the members whose account is active.

  12. 12. To reach TAHAT level, it is necessary to accumulate 40.000 tier miles, or 32 tier segments in a rolling period of 12 months. To reach CHELIA level, it is necessary to accumulate 25.000 tier miles, or 16 tier segments in a rolling period of 12 months. These levels are valid during 25 months starting from the date of tier change.

  13. 13. Except the class bonus for international flights, all other bonuses are not considered as tier miles.

  14. 14. The non-redeemed miles shall expire on December 31st of the year n+3 following the event date. Example: the accrued miles on June 15th 2013 are still valid until December 31st 2016. However, the request of all rewards must be sent at most 31 December before 02 pm to Air Algérie plus service.

  15. 15. Air Algérie reserves the right to debit an account credited by error, or to credit an account during promotional campaigns and special events.

  16. 16. The member must notify by Mail Air Algérie plus Program of the loss or the theft of his loyalty card in order to avoid its fraudulent use.

  17. 17. The advantage access to the lounge” First class or Business class” is reserved for the members who own Tahat card only. It is granted subject to availability depending on airports.

  18. 18. The program air Algérie plus offers three (03) kinds of rewards against miles. It can be: free airline ticket, upgrade or excess luggage.

  19. 19. The redeeming of miles for a reward is according to the miles scale, which is available on https://ahplus.airalgerie.dz site.

  20. 20. Only Air Algérie agencies are allowed to book and issue rewards.
  21. 21. The member can ask for his rewards on the domestic and international networks with condition of reward seat availability.

  22. 22. Refunded tickets don't give right to accumulate miles neither to rewards nor to cards advantages.

  23. 23. The reward ticket may be a one way ticket, a return ticket (eg: Algiers/ Paris, Paris/ Algiers), or an open jaw (eg: Algiers/ Paris, Lille / Oran).

  24. 24. An open jaw reward ticket in the same zone is equivalent to a return ticket reward if the first segment is in a different zone from the second, the miles will be redeemed as semi return referring to miles scale of each zone.

  25. 25. Only the reward ticket may be offered to a third party. They are issued on behalf of the member for his own use or on behalf of the beneficiaries of his choice .Exception to Fly.In card will be made that is the reward ticket or other rewards must be issued only upon request of the head family.

  26. 26. The reward ticket gives right to a definite booking subject to seats availability and is subject to conditions. The member must make his booking in the classes dedicated to rewards at Air Algérie Agency.

  27. 27. The taxes related to rewards ticket are to be paid by the beneficiary.

  28. 28. The reward ticket is valid 12 months as from its first date itinerary and is subject to the following conditions:

  29. • The modification of itinerary, the change of travel class or the name of beneficiary‘s reward ticket are not authorized

    • In case of cancellation of reward ticket, the member is bound to transfer his request by email at airalgerieplus@airalgerie.dz Where applicable, the miles will be refunded in entirety if cancellation made before 72H and before departure, 70%else.

    • The miles of a return ticket which is used partially will be not refunded.

    • The change of flight date may be permitted subject to the validity of reward ticket. This change is free of charge at first time. Beyond it, an additional fee: 3000 DZD or equivalent in local currency should be applied.

    • In case of no presentation of passenger during the flight date, an additional fee of 10000 DZD or equivalent in local currency should be applied.

    • The miles used for a reward which will expire the 31th, December of the last year would be automatically cancelled in the case when the reward is refunded.

  30. 29. The upgrade reward consists of a one way and a full fare ticket and keeps the initial ticket validity.

  31. 30. In no case, the modification or cancellation of upgrading reward would be accepted or the miles refunded.

  32. 31. Reward upgrade taxes are on behalf of the beneficiary.

  33. 32. The excess luggage reward consists of a one way only and his validity is the same as the flight which is required by the client .that member must make his request on our website https://ahplus.airalgerie.dz at least 3 working days before the trip date.

  34. 33. The excess luggage reward shall not be cancelled or modified. The miles removed will not be refunded.

  35. 34. The rewards can't be accumulated, exchanged or divided.

  36. 35. Expired or unused rewards cannot be replaced or refunded.

  37. 36. In no case the miles shall be credited following any flight cancellation independent from Air Algérie will for climatic, security or external strike reasons etc.

  38. 37. Any information as well as scales related to the miles accumulation and exchange shall be available on https://ahplus.airalgerie.dz. site.

Family Program Rules

  1. 1. All families composed of parents; children and/or grandparents are allowed to participate in family program (03 generations maximum).

  2. 2. The subscription to family program is to be done through the web account of the family head already nominated by family members.

  3. 3. The family head should be over than 18 years old and can nominate up to 8 members aged more than 2 years.

  4. 4. Members over than 18 years old should first join to Air Algérie Plus program before the subscription to family program.

  5. 5. Members less than 18 years can apply for the program only on the tutelage of family head and through his web account. They receive a card named Fly.in which allows them to accumulate a bonus of miles.

  6. This card does not give right to the advantage of excess luggage.

  7. 6. Family head must contact Air Algérie Plus program to validate the participation to family program.

  8. 7. Air Algérie Plus reserves the right to require providing appropriate documents on proof of family relationships.

  9. 8. The family head cannot hold more than one account

  10. .
  11. 9. A family member can belong only to one family.

  12. 10. The family head is committed to guarantee that all requests of adding or removing a member are done with the consent of the member.

  13. 11. The family head has the ability to cancel a member at any time through website or by submitting his request by mail or fax to Air Algérie Plus. However, the number of changes is limited (03 changes max per year).

  14. 12. In no case, Air Algérie Plus will be liable for removing a member from his family.

  15. 13. The family head earns supplementary bonus for each flight of any family member.

  16. 14. Each family member accumulates his miles on his respective personal account.

  17. 15. Each family member aged more than 18 years keeps his individual account and benefits from rewards against his accumulated miles according to Air Algérie Plus rules.

  18. 16. The family head is the only eligible to manage the accounts of young members less than 18 years and exchange their miles against rewards. However, these rewards could not be offered to a third party.

  19. 17. Ever since a young member reaches 18 years old, his tier will be changed to Djurdjura tier by keeping the same membership number of Fly.in, family links and earned miles(Miles non concerned by expiration).

  20. 18. The tier change rules (upgrade/downgrade) remain the same as for the individual program.

  21. 19. The cancellation of the participation to family program occurs upon a written request of family head. All family members will be delinked and the membership of less than 18 years members will be cancelled along with their miles accounts.

  22. 20. If a family head decides to terminate the enrolment agreement, he has to notify it to Air Algérie Plus. In this case, miles and bonuses earned to that day will be definitely lost.

  23. 21. The participation to family program means the acceptance of all rules and conditions of Air Algérie Plus program.




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